About Us


Having your favourite blooms looking fresh and bright without ever having to change the water or throw out wilted drooping flowers is one of lifes enjoyable and affordable luxuries.

Each flower is carefully chosen then using high quality, crystal clear resin, is handmade into a unique arrangement with our many option to suit your space, style, color palette and budget.

Our flowers are lightweight and durable which make them easy to move around when restyling your space.

The perfect solution for hay fever and allergy sufferers or when the sometimes overpowering scent of fresh flowers might be too strong for say a hospital room or confined space.

We hope that the passion and enjoyment that we get from creating your beautiful arrangement shines through and you love your pieces as much as we do. We always endeavour to replicate each arrangement as closely as we can to our photos but there may be slight variations due to flower availability and setting conditions. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need an arrangement more immediately (we all forget those last minute birthdays sometimes) and we will do our absolute best to accommodate your needs. 

Creating with love.
From Lindsey and team.