Granny’s Letters

In honor of International Women’s Day, I have to write about my Grandmother. I mention her throughout my blog. She was a woman before her time, very independent. She had her own beauty salon, taught teenagers just like me and my sister, and traveled with me and my sister alone. I can’t put into words how much she means to me.  She also loved growing her own food, teaching us how to pickle, jam and make homemade ice cream. There were many hours spent on the front porch snapping beans and planting flowers too. Some of my fondest memories were of her just simply swinging with us and talking about life. ‘Courtney Lynn’… always my middle name, especially when I tested her.

Growing up, my sister and I would play school for hours upon hours using old desks from her school. We wanted to be teachers just like her when we grew up.  She was a very religious person. We didn’t always attend church, even though my Grandfather had been a Southern Baptist minister, but we always prayed before meals and before bedtime. She was beautiful, inside and out – her whole family is. We have a lot of ministers in our family.

If there was one person that I wish were here right now to talk to I would want it to be her. She always knew just what to say. Her peace lily that I’ve had for years finally bloomed over and over again last year just when I needed it to. It was a sign that she was there. My grandmother was always writing, anything from life advice to Bible verses, to simple thoughts. I had quite the scare a few years ago when my purse was stolen and I thought that I lost some of them, for I always carried a few of them on me. I had so many loving, supportive responses just to find out that I had placed them somewhere safe when I last cleaned out my purse. What a relief!

Well, I just cleaned out a drawer at home only to find her Bible and more letters that I thought I would share. She knew me so well and God knew just when I would need her. I love her and miss her every day, but now I know she really is always there.

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