Love IS the Answer

Ellie and I have been creating something special, at least something special to us.  When I started this blog, Love IS the Answer, I wasn’t sure the direction it was going to take. At first, I used it as an outlet for healing. Life is tough and we all go through major life changes that take a toll on us mentally, physically and emotionally. These experiences really test our strength to the core. I must say that I am so proud of myself and of my daughter for getting to the place where we are today. My closest friends know what we’ve been through and to those people in my life – thank you! You are God’s gifts to us.

I had never blogged before so creating this site was a little challenging and I started it by creating expression boards, or folders, but I insisted on doing it on my own. These allowed me to truly ‘brainstorm’ and challenge myself to get where I am. Maybe I started it prematurely, but for those of you that have been following along on my journey – thank you! Creating something that is an expression of me has, even if it’s a little messy, been empowering. But aren’t we all a little messy, so maybe it’s a very ‘real’ representation.

I have always been passionate about different causes. I care about animals and the environment, education, and healthcare. I don’t eat meat (for various reasons: ethical, health & environmental).  Do I feel like a bad furbaby mom for leaving my Henry home alone while I work – yes! Do I eat fried food – yes! I try hard to live my values, but I am not perfect. Have I struggled with trying to be perfect in the past? Yes, and it will make you crazy. Have I lived my truth in the past? Sometimes. Life is a beautiful journey… one we don’t always understand or trust. That’s when I have to hand it over to God.

I have really enjoyed getting back to creating things recently. Growing up I would paint the woodwork my grandfather spent so many hours creating. He would sell his pieces in the Roanoke Art Show every June. (next story) Lately, many of my girlfriends have started businesses and this has inspired me to create one myself. I am excited to see where this may go.

There is a description below describing Love IS the Answer’s purpose bracelet. I am in the middle of creating more, to include other featured colors, to raise awareness of other illnesses like cancer.


  • Earth beads – You have a purpose in this world. (semi-precious beads)
  • Messages: Be kind, be brave, be strong in the battles you fight
  • Heart – Made with love.
  • Smaller color beads – Awareness color (glass beads)

*featured: red for heart health

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