After posting my last post on Facebook I received numerous messages asking me about my fitness routine. I even had some ask about my skincare routine so I thought I would include all of the information here. First of all, my skin is not perfect and it definitely has it’s challenges. I do love skincare products but tend to be brand loyal so I stick with my Clinique and Neutrogena since I’ve worked for both companies. My Grandmother aged so gracefully and used Clinique her whole life. I love that the line was designed by dermatologists! I just received my first microdermabrasion treatment and boy, did I not know what I was missing out on. I have used the Rodan and Fields micro treatment and loved it. My first professional micro treatment was AMAZING and such a nice treat!

As far as health and fitness are concerned, I have always valued and honored health and fitness, but just wasn’t great about staying consistent in recent years. I gave up meat, other than seafood, a few years ago after getting inspired by some of the cardiologists that I used to call on who did it to inspire their patients. Mimi Kirk is someone I follow on social media. She is an organic, vegan food enthusiast and the author of “Live Raw”. She’s very inspirational to follow. Giving up meat was a personal choice for me mainly because I was watching my Dad go through a stem cell transplant due to cancer second time around. ‘Everything in moderation’, right? Except for brownies – I love them! I made them for my daughter when she got sick last week and ate several. Chocolate is my weakness! We all have one – I hope.

When it comes to working out – consistency was definitely key for me, but everyone is different. I’ve always loved yoga and long walks to help de-stress. I LOVE being outside and have come to accept that I just have to switch it up. I would go through my different phases. Pilates reformer classes at Pilates Fitness Club, http://www.vbpilates.com is my favorite right now! It’s one of the most challenging fitness activities I have done. It definitely kicks my butt. Soreness is my new norm

So basically, I mix up my 4-5 days/week of routines between Pilates reformer classes, Bodyflow, Spin and Zone 4 at Onelife Fitness. I have to switch it up or I get bored. Then there’s Henry, my sweet pup. My all-time favorite activity is taking him on long walks outside during warmer weather. Nothing beats the great outdoors! Walks are soothing for my mind. I am flattered by people asking, but It’s important to do what works best for you! We are all in different life phases. Honor where you are and ‘do you’.


I am also trying to take more time for myself these days, I work full-time so on busy days I really need to get better at taking a ‘time-out’, even if for only 5-10 minutes to focus on breathing or to listen to a meditation piece. #goals #thestruggleisreal

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