Personal Growth

God is so good! I’ve been taking a lot of time for myself to self reflect and focus on personal growth lately, especially in my relationship with Him, myself and my daughter – the greatest gift HE ever gave me.

I woke up early yesterday morning in the Outer Banks, while visiting my mom, and eagerly woke my daughter so we could watch the sunrise together. It warmed my heart when she got excited to go with me when I expecting her teenage self to tell me to leave her alone, and that it was too early. I was so excited! Some of my fondest memories from my childhood are of my Dad picking me and my siblings up from my mom’s and taking us across the street to the bay to watch the sunrise.

Sunrise with my girl #myheart!

I’ve been setting personal goals for the year and really setting stronger boundaries as far as my personal time is concerned… God, family, and health. Of course, a little girlfriend time is important too. A new decade falls upon me this week and I am embracing it. I can not believe I am turning 40 – bring it!

“Life really does begin at forty. Until then you are just doing your research!” – Anonymous

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