HaPpY New Year! What a fun evening bringing in the new year with great friends. I feel truly blessed and am looking forward to the many blessings in store for 2019. I believe life returns the energy you put out there, and I chose love and positivity. I am not sure if I explained how I came up with the website link that I did, lifeissosweet.com. My Dad fell ill with non-hodgkins lymphoma twice, five years apart. He ended up receiving a stem cell transplant from Duke Medical Center. By the way, I am a huge Coach K fan and love his book, ‘Leading With the Heart’.

While he was going through chemo treatments he would go to his place and at that point we (caretakers) all knew to let him be… be at peace with God. He wouldn’t talk about his place until years later. It was there that he shared his intimate moments with God. My Dad’s quote that I cherish is when he said, with tears in his eyes, after going to his place, “Life is so sweet”! I volunteered for an organization called Roc Solid https://rocsolidfoundation.org/ once and helped build a tree house for a child with cancer. In that tree house volunteers were to sign their names, and I placed my Father’s quote. It means a lot to me. Life really is sweet.

My 2019 will be full of purpose. My daughter and I were walking through the a local state park this afternoon enjoying the warmer weather when she informed me that there was another shooting in a neighborhood that feeds into her high school. Many of her friends live in there. I am not sure what is going on, but I do know that it saddens my heart. I now you’ve heard the saying before, ‘hurt people, hurt people’. I believe this to be true and I pray for the hearts of those that feel such a void that they want to hurt others. Life is so sweet and so short.

Spread peace in 2019. #peace

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