The Holidays Aren’t Always Bliss

As much as I love the holiday season, I must say it isn’t always happiness for all. Reality is that some are experiencing sadness. I spoke with a dear friend tonight and she mentioned that her mother wanted to be left alone for Christmas this year. My friend lost her Father two years ago and it changed their family traditions forever. She and her siblings had a hard time with their mother’s decision, but understood. They were worried that her mom didn’t really want to be left alone and torn between granting her wishes and heading her way. I am sure many can relate to this situation.
This dear friend has been there for me through so much and sometimes I feel guilty because it’s easy to forget that others are going through hard times as well. I must thank her for everything she has done for me this year and all of the support she has shown me; therefore, I am going to get better at practicing mindfulness next year. Let’s express #compassion and #patience for others. We never know what they’re going through.

“Tears come from the heart, not from the brain.” – Anonymous

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